Kristy Masturbates With A Vibrator

It seems every chick we’ve ever met has either a silver or a gold vibrator… They must buy them all at the same sex shop or something!

Kristy loves getting off, and she loves nothing more than cramming a vibrator in her pussy, turning it up as high as it can go, and then going to town on herself!

And it’s such a beautiful sight to watch too!

kristy masturbates golden dildo

We love watching chicks get off when they masturbate, and Kristy makes it look easy – and lots of fun!

Pink Dildo

Anthea loves getting off… The last time we saw her Anthea was masturbating in the back seat of a car. Now that’s our type of girl!

This time around she’s come to her senses and now she’s masturbating with a dildo… Her favorite dildo really. Chances are she love this dildo more than any man – At the very least it’s gotten her off more than any one man has!

And she loves masturbating with her little dildo….

anthea masturbates

Sexy Massive Orgasm

With a glass dildo up in her pussy like this…. It’s only a matter of moments before this Ron Harris hottie has a massive orgasm!

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Glass Dildo Masturbation

Did Carli Banks from the Ron Harris website get dressed up in her sexy thigh high stockings to masturbate with her glass dildo, or was she all dressed up and stripped off her clothes when that burning desire to masturbate… Does it really matter as long as we get to watch her masturbate?

Imagine living with a beautiful woman like this… Who likes to get off masturbating with her glass dildo!

ron harris black-stockings masturbates

Now imagine watching her masturbate like this on a regular basis! If Carli Banks was my woman, and she like to get off by masturbating with a glass dildo…. I’d let her do it as often as she wanted – so long as I get to watch her masturbate!

Thick Vibrator Fun

Samantha Belle from loves her fucking vibrator…. She loves it so much she keeps it in her night stand next to her bed. Any time she has that urge…. She just whips it out and goes to town on herself!!!!

samantha belle fat vibrator

It’s always magical watching a woman fuck herself silly with a vibrator like this!

Deeper honey!

Hand Held Massager

Holly Kiss knows what she likes! Make no mistake about it – She knows the way to do it… The bigger the better!

Why use a little Vibrator when you can use the real thing – a massager?

holly kiss loves sex toys

It pretty much promises to get her off in a matter of seconds instead of minutes! She’ll have to work hard at trying to slow herself down so she doesn’t orgasm too fast!

Hot Finger Bang

Using two fingers like this… Yeah, she’s gonna fucking explode when she has her orgasm! But then again, is that what masturbation and a woman finger banging herself is all about?

In this case she’s playing with her titty while she fucks herself with her fingers!

abby-winters-meagan-fingers in puss

Nothing could be hotter!

Christmas Orgasm

Looks like Megan got exactly what she wanted for Christmas…. A dildo!

And she’s ready to lube it all up too!

ron harris megan goes down vibrtator

The next step is masturbation heaven!

Masturbation Break

Looks like Cassidy from FTV Girls is tired from her masturbation session… The first round was too much for her!

That must have been one hell of a fucking orgasm she just had!

cassiday dildo in pussy

She’s just gonna sit there with that dildo hanging out of her pussy until she catches her breath…

Huge Orgasm Fun

Talk about having a huge orgasm… Looks like this hottie can barely fit half of this huge dildo in her twat! You know she’s going to get off in a big way!

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